Pig Farm Worker jobs in UK with visa sponsorship

Job Overview:

Roadhogs Recruitment Ltd, a specialist in livestock recruitment, is excited to offer Pig Farm Worker positions in the UK, complete with visa sponsorship for eligible international applicants. If you are passionate about animal husbandry and eager to take your skills to the UK’s robust agricultural industry, this is your opportunity.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Provide daily care for pigs, including feeding, watering, and ensuring their comfort.
  2. Monitor animal health, recognize signs of illness, and administer treatments as directed.
  3. Assist with breeding procedures and manage piglet care.
  4. Maintain cleanliness and biosecurity of pig pens and farm facilities.
  5. Keep accurate records of feed, health interventions, and breeding cycles.
  6. Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment safely.
  7. Work in accordance with animal welfare laws and farm safety protocols.

Job Requirements:

  • Prior experience in pig farming or a strong willingness to learn.
  • Physical fitness to handle the demanding nature of the job.
  • Basic understanding of animal welfare and husbandry.
  • Effective communication skills and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Commitment to long-term employment and professional development.
  • A valid passport and ability to meet the UK visa requirements for sponsored workers.


  1. Competitive salary and potential for overtime pay.
  2. Visa sponsorship for non-UK residents.
  3. On-site accommodation may be provided or assistance with finding housing.
  4. Opportunities for career advancement within the agricultural sector.
  5. Comprehensive training and support from experienced farm management.
  6. A chance to work in the UK’s diverse agricultural landscape.

How to Apply:

For interested candidates, please visit our official website. Complete our online application form, attaching a CV and a cover letter that highlights your experience with pig farming and your interest in working in the UK.


Roadhogs Recruitment Ltd is committed to helping passionate and skilled pig farm workers embark on a fulfilling career in the UK with full support, including visa sponsorship. By joining our team, you will contribute to the essential agricultural sector while gaining valuable international work experience. We look forward to receiving your application and possibly welcoming you to a vibrant and supportive farming community.

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