general farm worker – harvesting jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

Job Overview:

THOMPSON’S ORCHARDS LTD., a reputable and established fruit producer in Canada, is looking for dedicated General Farm Workers to assist with seasonal harvesting operations. The selected candidates will be pivotal in the picking, sorting, and packing of produce, ensuring quality and efficiency. Visa sponsorship is available for qualifying international candidates looking to immerse themselves in Canadian agriculture.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Hand-picking and harvesting fruits according to size, color, and ripeness standards.
  2. Operating and maintaining farm machinery and equipment with care.
  3. Sorting and packing the harvested produce for distribution.
  4. Ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of the working area.
  5. Assisting in the inspection of plants and the application of pesticides or fertilizers.
  6. Monitoring the health of crops and reporting any issues to the farm supervisors.

Job Requirements:

  • No formal education is required; however, previous experience in farming or harvesting is an asset.
  • Physical ability to work long hours, often in inclement conditions.
  • Ability to work in a team and communicate effectively.
  • Basic knowledge of farm equipment and machinery is preferable.
  • Must be reliable, punctual, and capable of following instructions carefully.

Education and Qualification:

  1. While not mandatory, courses or a certificate in agriculture or related fields may be beneficial.


  • Competitive compensation with productivity bonuses for exceptional work.
  • Accommodation options available for non-local employees.
  • Comprehensive health and safety training.
  • Opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Canada after gaining sufficient experience, if desired.

Salary Range:

General Farm Workers at THOMPSON’S ORCHARDS LTD. can expect a salary range of CAD $20,000 to CAD $30,000 annually, depending on the volume of work available and the hours committed.

How to Apply:

To apply, candidates should send their resume detailing relevant experience, a cover letter expressing their interest in the position, and any appropriate certificates or references to THOMPSON’S ORCHARDS LTD. via their designated recruitment email or application portal.


This opportunity at THOMPSON’S ORCHARDS LTD. is perfect for those who have a passion for the outdoors and agriculture. It offers a chance to join a vital industry and experience life in Canada through provided visa sponsorship. The role is not just a job but an invitation to partake in the rich agricultural tradition of Canada and contribute to a company that values hard work and dedication.

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Job Category: Agriculture & Farming
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Blenheim ON
Country: Canada

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